Email notifications

The Onegini IDP sends email messages in order to notify or interact with the user.

Email notifications for personal accounts

The following diagram illustrates when particular types of email messages can be sent.

Email notifications

The following table summarises the supported email types:

Email type Description Interaction type
EMAIL_INVITATION Invitation to sign-up to the Onegini IDP User interaction expected
WELCOME_EMAIL Introductory message to welcome a new user. Informative
EMAIL_NOTIFICATION Information that person's attributes values has changed. Informative
EMAIL_VERIFICATION The message that serves to confirm ownership of an email address. The message is sent in case the new email address needs to be confirmed. It will be sent to a person that has just signed up in case the email verification is mandatory as well as in case the email address attribute has been changed. User interaction expected
EMAIL_STEP_UP Perform step-up authentication via email. User interaction expected
EMAIL_​PASSWORD_​RESET Continue password reset process. User interaction expected
EMAIL_​PASSWORD_​RESET_​NO_​PASSWORD Information that the password reset cannot be performed because Username and Password identity is not defined. Informative
EMAIL_​PASSWORD_​BLOCKED Information that a person has been blocked due to exceeded number of invalid login attempts. Informative
EMAIL_​PERSON_​REMOVED Person account in the Onegini IDP has been removed. Informative

Email notifications for administrator accounts

Email type Description Interaction type
ADMIN_BLOCKED Administrator account has been blocked Informative

Email sending integration

Email sending requires a gateway to be configured in order to work properly. Onegini IDP supports integration with an SMTP server or - via customized connector - integration with any other system that can send notifications (ex. SAP).