Release notes 1.x


Bug fixes

  • Added indexes to the temporary tables created in the stored procedure to get permissions. This speeds up getting the permissions for a user.
  • When a main group was deleted the subgroups in that group were not deleted. This is problem is solved. From now on, when a main group is deleted, the subgroups are also deleted.
  • When the last user of a group was deleted, the group policy was also deleted. This was not correct. From now on, the group policies are not removed when a group is empty.
  • When a group policy is removed from a group, the group policy will also be removed for all the members in the group.


  • From now on, the list of policies that is returned from the API will be in alphabetical order.


Bug fixes

  • When a user is removed from a group their policies and permissions are now also cleaned up for that group


Bug fixes

  • The user details are no longer overwritten when adding a user that is already a member of that group


Bug fixes

  • The person report will now include the custom attributes for all groups including subgroups
  • Adding email addresses with special characters is supported
  • Groups for superusers are returned correctly
  • Searching for groups works correctly
  • Inherited permissions are properly validated



  • Added possibility to have complex relations in between groups, multiple child groups are possible now.


  • Updated person report object schema to prevent unnecessary operations and mappings on the client side



  • Moved health endpoint from /health to /actuator/health
  • Upgraded Spring-Boot to version 2.x
  • Upgraded to Java 11



  • Updated Java version in Docker images


We are pleased to present the Delegated User Management (DUM) feature.

This new feature is an add-on which has been created to meet customer demand for a way to grant their third-party insurance advisors access to policies and contracts in through the Delegated User Management (DUM) portal using special login credentials. The type of access granted is tailored specifically to the role of the insurance advisor. The parameters of each role are defined by the insurance company at set-up stage.

Feature highlights:

  • Policy management feature designed to free-up time for insurance companies
  • User-account management task can be given to selected Super Users
  • Overview page displays entire user ecosystem, overview is specific to Administrator or Super User only
  • Enables insurance companies to grant safe third-party advisors access to their insurance policies through the portal.
  • Web-based application features a core application and front-end web application
  • Can be integrated to any CRM system of external parties
  • Ready-to-use: package equipped with all set-up requirements
  • Communicated through SAML protocol

notebook app

Insurance advisors with access can now view existing customer policies and carry out policy management tasks through the DUM portal of the insurance company. The task of managing user accounts of insurance advisors can be delegated by the insurance company to a selected Super User.