The chapter covers the configuration of DUM Application.

Dependant components

DUM Application depends on other components in order to work properly. Hence, you need to properly configure access to the Onegini Consumer Identity Manager.

In order to set up the connection to the Onegini Consumer Identity Manager you must configure the following properties:


Please refer to the properties section for more details.

Set up API credentials

To be able to access the DUM Application API's you first need to log in with credentials set by following environment variables:


Set up authentication

In order to successfully login into the DUM Application you need to have either SAML or basic authentication configured.

Set up DUM Application port

DUM Application cab be set up on a specific port. The default port is 8080. Use this property to configure it:


Launch DUM Application

You have now configured DUM Application. Start DUM Application and check if the application started correctly by executing a http GET on:


If the response message includes the text UP, you have successfully started the DUM Application.