Customize application

DUM Application gives possibility to customize some part of it. Currently it supports customization for:

  • css styles
  • translations

What you need

To successfully complete this topic guide you need to ensure following prerequisites:

  • have the DUM Application up and running
  • have the extension up and running

Configure DUM Application

DUM Application customization is done via external service which needs to be configured first. Data that needs to be provided includes:

  • extension url
  • extension basic authentication credentials

All the required properties are described in extension properties section.

Customize resources

DUM Application allows to customize resources such as css styles or translations. Customization is done by providing files from extension (css file for styles and for properties). Having the extension configured with custom css/translation file(s) all you need to do on DUM Application side is just enabling resource resolving via DUM_EXTENSION_RESOURCES_ENABLED property (more information).

The top navigation contains an item to go to the website or portal. The following message keys are used to this link in the navigation:

  • navigation.goToWebsite.href: the url for the link. Default value is empty. No link is rendered when the URL is empty.
  • navigation.goToWebsite.text: text for the link. Defaults to "Go to website".