Defining scopes

One of the core features of the DUM Application is policies management. Policy represents rights which are assigned by an organization or person to another person. Each policy concerns a single scope, which is the actual representation of the right. In order to create policies first, you need to define scopes.

This guide will walk you though the process of defining scopes.

What you need

To successfully complete this topic guide you need to ensure following prerequisites:

  • have access to DUM Engine REST APIs
  • know DUM Engine REST APIs BasicAuth credentials

Creating scopes

Scopes can only be created by calling DUM Engine REST APIs, the DUM Application user interface does not allow such operation. Please refer to the DUM Engine documentation to get more information about the API. The DUM Engine requires the principal, who is calling the endpoint, to have the SCOPE_MANAGE permission assigned. Once you have created scopes the DUM Application will allow you to define policies. Please note, that there is a one-to-one relation between every defined scope and a policy which, can be created.