Limit group access

DUM Application gives possibility to work with many groups but it may be that you want to limit it to one group (in this case group search is not available).

For example you want to ask John to add a person to group Acme. Having access directly to the group it is easier for him to make the changes because he does not need to spend time to find it in group search component.

DUM Application has two mechanisms that allows to work with one group:

  1. Use set_group_filter url parameter.

    Url parameter set_group_filter can be used to have access to one group. Parameter value is stored in the session so it is not visible in the url while working with the application.

    For example to have access only to group with id 2d98fb92-d29a-44e2-8e15-349bb226e818 the url looks like By entering the url user is redirected to

  2. User has permission only to one group.

    Application limits access to one group if user has permissions within one group only.