Login with BasicAuth

Basic Authentication is one of the two possible ways which the DUM Application allows the end users to login. This guide will walk you though the process of configuring the Basic Authentication for the DUM Application.

What you need

To successfully complete this topic guide you need to ensure following prerequisites:

  • have access to DUM Application configuration properties

Configure Basic authentication

There are just few configuration properties you need to set in order to enable the BasicAuthentication within the DUM Application:

  1. Set the SAML_SP_ENABLED variable value to false in order to enable the basic authentication functionality.
  2. Set the Basic authentication username in SPRING_SECURITY_USER_NAME variable.
  3. Set the Basic authentication password in SPRING_SECURITY_USER_PASSWORD variable.
  4. Assign a role to the Basic authentication user by setting SPRING_SECURITY_USER_ROLES variable, ex. SPRING_SECURITY_USER_ROLES=USERS_ALL.

You can find more info about specific configuration properties in the Configuration chapter.