Applications setup

Both Onegini IdP Core and specific Onegini IdP Extension are necessary to make Onegini IdP work. These two components need to be set up and wired. The following lists contain properties that must be configured for the components.

The configuration of Onegini IdP Core must contain properties related to:

  • Tomcat
  • Java Key Store
  • logging
  • connection to Onegini IdP Extension

The configuration of Onegini IdP Extension must contain properties related to application configuration. The properties related to application configuration are server by Onegini IdP Extension via config extension point and fetched by Onegini IdP Core.

In order to wire Onegini IdP Core with Onegini IdP Extension specified environment properties described in Extension wiring properties section must be set.

Additionally it is possible to set Onegini IdP Core to retry connecting to extension in case initial config fetching fails. This can be done by setting following environment variables

Property Default