QR Code Login Method

QR Code Login Method allows your customers to log in to Onegini IdP by scanning QR Code with Onegini application. This chapter will guide you through all steps that are required to fully configure and use QR Code Login Method.


To successfully complete this topic guide you need to ensure following prerequisites:

  • Onegini IdP instance must be running, for the sake of this guide we assume it's available under https://idp-core.dev.onegini.me address
  • Onegini Token Server instance must be running
  • Onegini application registered in Onegini Token Server and installed on your mobile phone

Configure QR Code Login Method in Onegini IdP

To define a new QR Code Login Method please visit the https://idp-core.dev.onegini.me:8445/admin page and login to the Onegini IdP admin console. Select Configuration menu option and navigate to Identity Providers tab. Hit the + button to create a new QR Code Login Method configuration. Fill in the form as follows:

  1. Type - open the dropdown list and select QR Code
  2. Name - name your QR Code login method configuration
  3. Authentication Level - choose desired authentication level
  4. Mobile Authentication Type - specify Mobile Authentication Type configuration name with OTP Authentication method defined in Onegini Token Server. This configuration can be defined in Onegini Token Server admin console in Configuration -> Mobile authentication -> Mobile authentication types

Optionally you can also extend the configuration by:

  1. Google Play link and App Store link which define links to your application on Google Play and/or App Store. If at least one of those two is defined then appropriate set of buttons is displayed on qr login page. Regarding Google Play link after user logs in successfully by scanning qr code he/she receives a message that can be configured by overwriting message with key personal.qrCodeLogin.message.
  2. Deep linking which allows to login to the application from mobile phone by clicking login button. To configure it you need to enable it by selecting Deep linking enabled checkbox and define redirect url to the application. Example redirect url can be myApp://login which defines url to which user is redirected within the app. To authenticate the user, application is provided with otp code which is automatically added to redirect url, eg. myApp://login?otp=31211. This code should be used while to authenticate user in Onegini Token Server.

You also need to configure Onegini Token Server API correctly. For details please see Token Server API Configuration guide.

Logging in via QR Code

If QR Code Login Method is defined a button should appear on the main login page that takes you to page where QR Code should appear if connection to Onegini Token Server can be established. You should be able to log in by scanning it with you Onegini application.