Verify user devices

The Onegini Customer Service user (usually helpdesk) can verify the authenticity of a person that contacts the support by using the device verification functionality.

The user device verification feature uses the Onegini Token Server's Mobile Authentication to trigger a notification message which's type (e.g. push message requiring pin authentication) depends on the provided configuration. The feature is available from the Devices section that is shown in the user details view available after looking up a specific person by other means (e.g. email address).


The verify user device feature requires:

When all the above properties are present and set correctly the user device verification feature will be available for the users who enable Mobile Authentication on their mobile devices.

The flow

After triggering the user device verification, the Onegini Customer Service will initiate the Mobile Authentication transaction at the Onegini Token Server. The Onegini Customer Service's user will be presented with a popup informing about the current status of an ongoing operation which includes the validity timer. The end-user needs to answer the verification request within a given time frame the length of which can be defined in the Onegini Token Server Mobile Authentication configuration. As soon as the verification finishes, the Onegini Customer Service will present the result to the user.