Handling push mobile authentication requests

When a user is enrolled for push mobile authentication, they are able to receive and respond to mobile authentication requests that are received on the device through push notifications. The Onegini Cordova Plugin facilitates this by allowing you to register handler methods that implement the UI.


This method is used to register handlers for different mobile authentication methods. The various methods (push, push with PIN, etc.) can be configured in the Token Server. Once configured, the handlers for these various methods need to be registered using on, which takes the method string as parameter.

Parameter Description
method The mobile authentication method you wish to register a handler for

Currently, the available method strings are "confirmation" (push), "pin" (push with PIN) and "fingerprint" (push with fingerprint).

The on method returns a PushMobileAuthHandler object, which can be used to implement the various handler methods. Examples for implementing Push Mobile Authentication request can be found in the Mobile Authentication with Push topic guide.