Is User Registered

You can check at any time if a certain profile ID has been registered by using the following method.


  • Requires an object with a profileId:
Property Default Description
profileId - A profile ID you want to check
      profileId: "W8DUJ2"
    .then((isRegistered) => {
      if (isRegistered) {
        // The userProfile is already registered.
        console.log("That userProfile is registered!");
      } else {
        // The userProfile is not yet registered.
        // Use onegini.user.register to register a userProfile.
        console.log("That user is not registered.");
    .catch((err) => {
      console.log("Error!\n\n", err.description);

The success callback will contain a boolean value based on the outcome of the check against the profile ID.

The error callback contains an object with these properties:

Property Example Description
code 8000 The error code
description "Onegini: Internal plugin error." Human readable error description