Before a user can authenticate using PIN or fingerprint, a user will need to register with your Token Server. Registration can be initiated using this method.


Property Default Description
scopes server configuration An array of scopes the user will register for (optional)
    .onCreatePinRequest(function (actions, options) {
      var pin = prompt("Create your " + options.pinLength + " digit PIN");
    .onSuccess(function () {
      alert('Registration success!');
    .onError(function (err) {
      alert('Registration error!\n\n' + err.description)

The success callback contains an array of objects with these properties:

Property Example Description
profileId "W8DUJ2" A profile ID associated with the user

The error callback contains an object with the following properties.

Property Example Description
code 8000 The error code
description "Onegini: Internal plugin error." Human readable error description