Instructions to upgrade to Cordova plugin version to 3.0

This chapter describes the steps to take in order to migrate from Cordova plugin 2.x to 3.0.

Mobile authentication

Mobile authentication has been changed a bit. In version 3.0 a new type of mobile authentication is introduced, OTP mobile authentication. Therefore we have changed the following things:

  • Separated push mobile authentication enrollment from normal mobile authentication enrollment
  • Moved the push mobile authentication handling to it's own handler

We have renamed the global mobile authentication object from onegini.mobileAuthentication to onegini.mobileAuth for shorter names. The old object is still there but will be removed in a future release.

Below we further explain the difference between the two enrollment steps mentioned above.

Separated enrollment steps

With the introduction of Mobile Authentication with OTP we have an additional mobile authentication type which does not require push notifications. Therefore we have separated the enrollment for mobile authentication into two steps. The general mobile authentication enrollment does not require push notification support in your application.

Regular mobile authentication enrollment


See the mobile authentication enrollment reference guide for more details.

Push Mobile authentication enrollment


See the push mobile authentication enrollment reference guide for more details.

Moved push mobile auth handling into it's own object

Previously we had the onegini.mobileAuthentication.on method to handle mobile authentication requests. These have been renamed to onegini.mobileAuth.push.on.