Your users can authenticate themselves using any authenticator registered to them. Authentication is done via an AuthenticationHandler. If a user is already authenticated when calling this function, they will be logged out and have to authenticate again.


  • Used to authenticate a user.
  • Requires an object containing a profileId.
  • Returns a new AuthenticationHandler.
Property Default Description
profileId - The profile ID you previously stored during registration

Example for authentication with PIN:

    profileId: "some profile ID"
  .onPinRequest((actions, options) => {
    var pin = prompt("Please enter your PIN");
  .onSuccess(() => {
    alert("Authentication success!");
  .onError((err) => {
    alert("Authentication error!\n\n" + err.description);

The error callback contains an object with these properties:

Property Example Description
code 9001 The error code
description "Invalid Pin" Human readable error description