Implicit Authentication

You can use implicit authentication to authenticate users based on their client credentials. This means you can assume the user has successfully completed the registration process in the past. After authenticating implicitly, you can fetch resources which require implicit authentication. Implicit authentication requires no user interaction like asking for their PIN or Fingerprint.


  • Used to implicitly authenticate a user.
  • Returns a promise or calls either success or error callback.
  • Takes the following arguments:
Property Default Description
profileId - A profile ID created when the user profile is registered
scopes registration scopes An array of scopes the user will authenticate with (optional)

The scopes array may only contain scopes that were obtained during registration. If no scopes are provided, the plugin will authenticate the user for all scopes granted during registration.


  userId: 'someUserId',
  scopes: ['account-balance']
}).then(() => {
}).catch((err) => {
  alert('Something went wrong');