Once authenticated, a user is able to change their PIN. Changing a user's PIN is done via an AuthenticationHandler


This functions takes no arguments, as it is executed for the currently authenticated user. After calling this method, you will need to supply an onPinRequest and onCreatePinRequest callback. These callbacks will verify the current PIN and create a new one.

If the flow fails completely (e.g. the user is deregistered as a result of exceeding the maximum number of allowed PIN entries), the onError callback will be called with an error object.

Example code changing a user's PIN:

    .onPinRequest((actions, options) => {
      var pin = prompt("Please enter your PIN");
    .onCreatePinRequest((actions) => {
      var pin = prompt("Enter your new PIN");
    .onSuccess(() => {
      alert('Change pin success!');
    .onError((err) => {
      alert('Change pin error!\n\n' + err.description)

The error callback contains an object with these properties:

Property Example Description
code 8012 The error code
description "Onegini: Incorrect PIN" Human readable error description