Instructions to upgrade to Cordova plugin version to 5.1

This chapter describes the steps to take in order to migrate Cordova plugin to 5.1.

[iOS] Resolving the iOS SDK

The iOS SDK was resolved using Gradle. However, on some iOS build systems Java is not installed, which caused the build script to fail since Java is a dependency of Gradle.

The Gradle script for iOS has been replaced with a Node.js script triggered by Cordova hook. Check the configuration topic guide for options to customize this hook.

As a result of removing Gradle for iOS, the credentials to access the Onegini repository now need to be specified as environment variables. See the getting started guide how to do this.

For Android builds you can still specify the credentials in the file as was required before, but the Gradle script will also pick up the environment variables if specified.

[Android] New application secret algorithm

The application signature (secret) is now calculated using new algorithm that takes Google Play Store metadata into account. This algorithm is different than the one used by the Application Signature Calculator v1.x. Therefore, if you want to use the Application Signature Calculator you should use the updated v2.x

[Android] Minimum supported Token Server Version 8.2.0

Due to the SDK initialization improvement you need to update the Token Server to at least version 8.2.0 first.