Instructions to upgrade to Cordova plugin version to 6.0

This chapter describes the steps to take in order to migrate Cordova plugin to 6.0

Mobile authentication

The mobile authentication configuration has changed for Android and iOS, to give you more control and flexibility over push messages handling. Thanks to it now it's possible to handle push messages from multiple sources not only the Token Server.

Push handling implementation

The push handling implementation has been removed from the plugin and therefore has to be implemented in the application itself, an example solution using the Phonegap Push Plugin has been implemented in the Cordova Example App 6.0.0 and can be viewed on GitHub:

Signature of the method onegini.mobileAuth.push.enroll has changed

The method onegini.mobileAuth.push.enroll now accepts a pushToken on Android and a deviceToken on iOS platform: onegini.mobileAuth.push.enroll(token)

The complete push handling guide can be found in the public documentation on the Onegini Website

Onegini FCM plugin is no longer needed

The Cordova Onegini FCM Plugin is no longer necessary and can be removed from the project.