Instruction for upgrading the Onegini Android SDK to version 6.04.00

When upgrading from old SDK version to the version 6.04.00, there is one small change you need to apply in your application:


The method startPinCreation from OneginiCreatePinRequestHandler interface has now additional parameter named pinLength:

   * Method called when new PIN creation request is made.
   * The method will be called only once per PIN creation process.
   * @param userProfile instance of {@link UserProfile} that describes which user creates the PIN
   * @param callback    instance of {@link OneginiPinCallback} to send request's response back to the SDK
   * @param pinLength   int required pin length
  void startPinCreation(UserProfile userProfile, OneginiPinCallback callback, int pinLength);

You can use newly added parameter to check the required pin length when building UI with dynamic number of PIN inputs.