Onegini Statistics Engine

An introduction

The Onegini Statistics Engine is a separate application to be deployed next to the Onegini Token Server and Onegini Security Proxy to perform analytics of the Onegini Mobile Security Platform. The Onegini Statistics Engine does analysis of data from several sources. Based on this analysis statistical information is prepared which can be made available via the Onegini Mobile Security Platform admin console. These statistics can be used for management and security reports. The Onegini Statistics Engine can be deployed optionally as no other component depends on it.

The Onegini Statistics Engine is build on top of Apache Spark, an application for big data analysis. Within the Onegini Statistics Engine several tasks are defined which all have the responsibility for a single set of statistical information. For each task the refresh interval can be specified.

How the documentation is organized

  • Installation section guides you through the steps to install the Statistics Engine and provides you with the prerequisites and other necessary things you need to know to get started with the Statistics Engine.
  • Topic guides discuss key topics and concepts at a fairly high level and provide useful background information and explanation.