Cache Configuration

In order to configure Token Server Engine cache time to live, go to the Configuration section of the administration console, then System and choose the Cache tab.

The picture below shows the Cache view in the Admin Console with an example configuration.

Cache Configuration

The table below describes the cache properties that can be configured.

Note: Applying changes of cache properties values requires Token Server Engine Application to be restarted.

Field name Default Description Note
Message cache TTL 300 Time to live in seconds for the i18n message cache.
Application properties cache TTL 60 Time to live in seconds for the application properties cache.
Mobile authentication TTL 300 Time to live in seconds for the mobile authentication cache.
SAML SLO cache TTL 300 The time to live after which the SAML session will be terminated and the all session belongings (access tokens and access grants) will be revoked. This field is available in the form if and only the SAML Service Provider Configuration SLO enabled is enabled.
Identity Provider User Info cache TTL 3600 Time to live in seconds for user identity cache. The user identity cache is used in OpenID Connect flows only.
Template caching enabled true Enable/disable caching of templates to speed up the generation of user facing pages. By default caching is enabled, on production machines template caching should always be enabled.