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Instruction for upgrading the Onegini Android SDK to version 8.1

When upgrading to version 8.1 some changes have to be applied in the end application:

Mobile authentication request

The Onegini SDK doesn't expect a GCM/FCM specific objects anymore when handling mobile authentication requests. In order to handle the mobile authentication request you need to provide an OneginiMobileAuthWithPushRequest instance to the SDK method:

public void handleMobileAuthWithPushRequest(@NonNull final OneginiMobileAuthWithPushRequest oneginiMobileAuthWithPushRequest,
                                            @NonNull final OneginiMobileAuthenticationHandler mobileAuthenticationHandler);

In order to create such a request object, you should parse the incoming GCM/FCM message object in the app. This can be done by your own JSON parser or one of free JSON parsing libraries like Gson. For example, to parse the incoming RemoteMessage (FCM) object into an OneginiMobileAuthWithPushRequest you could use

final String json = message.getData().get("content");
final OneginiMobileAuthWithPushRequest mobileAuthenticationRequest = new Gson().fromJson(json, OneginiMobileAuthWithPushRequest.class);