Installation instructions and requirements

Installation instructions (license required)

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Platform Requirements

Physical/Virtual Hardware Requirements

Minimum hardware requirements to run the Onegini Mobile Security Platform

  • CPU: 2 cores
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Disk: 40 GB

The above setup is required to run the system, e.g. as a developer. By no means is the above the recommended setup for a High Available enterprise production environment. Under typical setup you'll see examples of how customers run the MSP and CIM platforms. Please contact us for our recommendation in your environment.

Operating System Requirements

Database Requirements

Choose any of the following:

  • MySQL
    • Minimal version: 5.6
  • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Minimal version: 2012
  • Oracle Database
    • Minimal version: 11g

Typical High Availability setup MSP

There's no one size fits all in High Availability setups. Therefore the above diagram shows a typical High Availability setup. This setup is easily scalable and fast. The Security Proxy takes care of routing traffic to either Token Server or Resource gateway. We'll help you minimize service disruption when hardware fails. For security reasons, the Admin UI, including statistics engine are usually only available within the DMZ. In addition it hardly interferes with customer traffic. Our highly trained technical staff is ready to support you in thinking about the right setup for your environment.

Typical High Availability setup CIM

The above setup is easily scalable and fast and gives a good impression of a setup many Onegini customers use. Just like the MSP platform, the Security Proxy takes care of routing traffic. We'll help you minimize service disruption when hardware fails.

Similarly to the MSP platform, every customer is different and you should check with the Onegini team for assistance in your environment.