Supported versions, process and policies

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Component Release Matrix Onegini Connect

The table below shows the version compatibilities of all major releases for MSP + CIM.

Connect Version Status Released MSP Version CIM Version
7.0 Zucchini Latest Expected: January 2020 MSP 7.0 CIM 7.0
6.0 Radish Maintenance June 2019 MSP 6.0 CIM 6.0
5.0 Eggplant EOL: February 2020 October 2018 MSP 5.0 CIM 5.0
4.0 Broccoli EOL: June 2019 March 2018 MSP 4.0 CIM 3.2
3.1 Carrot EOL: October 2018 June 2017 MSP 3.1 CIM 3.1

Component Release Matrix MSP

The table below shows the version compatibilities of all major releases of the Mobile Security Platform (MSP).

MSP Version Status Released Token Server iOS SDK Android SDK Security Proxy Insights Extension Engine Cordova Plugin SDK Configurator iOS Example app Android Example app Cordova Example app
MSP 7.0 Latest Expected: January 2020 TS iOS SDK Android SDK SP Insights EE Cordova Plugin Configurator iOS app (Swift) Android app Cordova app
MSP 6.0 Maintenance June 2019 TS 10.x iOS SDK 9.1.x Android SDK 9.6.x SP 5.x Insights 1.5.x EE 2.x Cordova Plugin 6.0.x Configurator 4.x iOS app (Swift) 1.x Android app 5.x Cordova app 6.x
MSP 5.0 EOL: February 2020 October 2018 TS 9.x iOS SDK 9.1.x Android SDK 9.3.x SP 4.x Insights 1.3.x EE 1.2.x Cordova Plugin 5.2.x Configurator 4.x iOS app (Swift) 1.x Android app 5.x Cordova app 5.x
MSP 4.1 EOL: July 2019 February 2018 TS 8.x iOS SDK 8.x Android SDK 9.x SP 3.x SE 1.x EE 1.2.x Cordova Plugin 5.x Configurator 4.x iOS app 5.x Android app 5.x Cordova app 5.x
MSP 4.0 EOL: June 2019 November 2017 TS 6.x iOS SDK 7.x Android SDK 8.x SP 3.x SE 1.x EE 1.0.x Cordova Plugin 4.x Configurator 4.x iOS app 4.x Android app 4.x Cordova app 4.x
MSP 3.1 EOL: October 2018 June 2017 TS 5.x iOS SDK 6.x Android SDK 7.x SP 2.x SE 1.x EE 1.0.x Cordova Plugin 3.x Configurator 4.x iOS app 3.x Android app 3.x Cordova app 3.x
MSP 3.0 EOL: February 2018 September 2016 TS 4.x iOS SDK 5.x Android SDK 6.x SP 1.x SE 1.x N/A Cordova Plugin 2.x Configurator 4.x iOS app 2.x Android app 2.x Cordova App 2.x

Note that you may need to scroll horizontally to see the whole table.

Component Release Matrix CIM

The table below shows the version compatibilities of all major releases for Consumer Identity Management.

CIM Version Status Released IDP UMA DUM App DUM Engine Insights
CIM 7.0 Latest Expected: January 2020 IDP UMA DUM DUM Insights
CIM 6.0 Maintenance June 2019 IDP 6.x UMA 2.x DUM App 1.x DUM Engine 1.x Insights 1.5.x
CIM 5.0 EOL: February 2020 October 2018 IDP 5.0.x UMA 2.0.x DUM App 1.0.x DUM Engine 1.0.x Insights 1.3.x
CIM 4.0 EOL: July 2019 April 2018 IDP 4.x UMA 1.18.x N/A N/A N/A
CIM 3.2 EOL: June 2019 December 2017 IDP 3.3x UMA 1.1x.x N/A N/A N/A
CIM 3.1 EOL: October 2018 April 2017 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
CIM 3.0 EOL: February 2018 September 2016 IDP 3.10.xx UMA 1.08.xx N/A N/A N/A

Supported versions and version scheme

Onegini uses semantic versioning for all software products. Given a version number major.minor.patch:

  • Major: Feature release with incompatible API changes. Upgrading will require some effort, so reserve time to test.
  • Minor: Backwards compatible feature release. Reserve time to test.
  • Patch: Backwards-compatible bug fixes only including security patches and bug fixes. Update when you can.

Upgrade advice / Maintenance release

Most customers want to stay secure and have the least effort between releases. If you're like most, just follow the release marked with Stable / Maintenance release release marked in the Component Release Matrix. This means planning for a major upgrade once a year and patch updates during the year. If your project starts now and will take a month or two before going live, you could choose to go with the latest release, specifically if you need certain features.

In addition Onegini provides roughly 4 minor releases a year. From a security standpoint, there's no need to upgrade right away. If you like or require features from such a release, go for it. Naturally you can choose a different strategy. Please contact our consultants for tailored advice.

Patch advice

Onegini provides roughly 10 security updates a year. For maximum security we advise you to update soon after a patch update. We'll pro-actively inform you when we strongly advise to update in all cases.

Moreover: Onegini Connect is a security product that is built for the enterprise. We understand updating is not always easy in your organization, so we've tried to make it as straightforward as possible. Onegini carefully automated all tests and functionality on all levels, so don't expect issues when updating a patch version.

Updating your Mobile Apps in App Store and Google Play

Even-though Onegini Connect doesn't fully rely on the client side for security, we advise you to update your apps in similar fashion to the server components: One time a year a major update and roughly 10 times a year for a patch.

Latest release

When a platform version is marked as a latest release, all unit testing and functional testing will be done, but the full platform may not yet be supported and API's may still change. So extra effort to upgrade may be required later on. Please contact our consultancy department for a tailored advise.

Always plan an upgrade within a year to qualify for long term support if the release was not marked stable / maintenance yet.

EOL: End of life and support

When we mark a release as EOL in Component Release Matrix, please plan your upgrade ASAP. You may not qualify for support. Please contact support for details.