Identity providers

To configure an identity provider please login to admin panel and go to configuration -> identity providers. To add new identity provider please click on + button and fill in all the required fields (each identity provider has different requirements). For facebook identity provider Client Scope can be set to public_profile, user_birthday, email or other value depending on the expected type of data. All scopes can be combined and separated by comma. If left blank default email scope will be used. You can read more about supported scopes in the official Facebook's documentation -

Supported identity providers

Onegini IdP supports listed identity providers:

Name Identifier
BankID bankid
DigiD digid
Facebook facebook
Google google_oauth2
iDIN idin
Itsme itsme
eIDAS (via KPN) eidas
eHerkenning (via KPN) eherkenning
Kerberos kerberos
LDAP ldap
LinkedIn linkedin
Mobile authentication mobile_login
OpenID Connect openId_connect
Paypal paypal
Sign in with Apple apple
SAML saml
Twitter twitter
Username & Password unp_idp