Mobile step-up

Mobile step-up is essentially the same as Mobile Login, but in this case the user performs step-up authentication using their mobile device.

What is required?

To successfully complete this topic guide you need to ensure following prerequisites:

  • Onegini IdP instance must to be running, for the sake of this guide we assume it's available under the http://localhost address
  • Access to the Onegini IdP admin console
  • You have previously configured Mobile Login


Mobile step-up authentication requires access to the Onegini Token Server API. This can be configured via the Onegini IdP admin panel. Please refer to the Onegini Token Server configuration for more details about setting up the configuration with the Token server.

Login to the admin console and browse to: Smart Security -> Step-up authentication.

The authentication level configuration is explained in the Step-up authentication topic guide.

Additionally, there is a section on mobile step-up authentication configuration that contains the following fields:

Field name Description
Authentication type Mobile step-up authentication configuration name. Needs to match with corresponding field within Token Server
Login Message Mobile step-up authentication message to be shown on the end-users mobile device