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OneWelcome Identity Cloud

With OneWelcome Identity Cloud, the company offers an omnichannel Customer Identity and Access Management solution (CIAM) for the banking, insurance and pension industry. With OneWelcome, organisations quickly and securely create mobile apps and digital portals for consumers, employers and advisors while not having to worry about registration, identification, login and management of the digital identity.

OneWelcome Identity Cloud for Developers describes the platform architecture, topic guides with concepts of CIAM, and in-depth documentation of our products.

What's new?

Read about the new features of the OneWelcome Identity Cloud in our platform updates:

Which documentation should I use?

We are rewriting our documentation for the multi-tenant OneWelcome Identity Cloud. Eventually you will find all information about the OneWelcome Identity Cloud on this site.

Here you can find the latest multi-tenant documentation for:

  • Mobile Identity & Access
  • Delegated Administration
  • Self styling

Navigate to the single-tenant documentation site on for:

  • Identity & Single Sign-On
  • Token Server, Security Proxy, and Extension Engine
  • Customer Service

Contact OneWelcome Support if you are not sure whether you are on the single-tenant or multi-tenant version of the OneWelcome Identity Cloud.