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Messaging Service

What is the Messaging service?

The Messaging service is functionality within the OneWelcome Identity Cloud that enables you to configure and send notifications to your customers via SMS or email. The Messaging service serves as a notification gateway for other OneWelcome products to unify the configuration of the notification channels.

The Messaging service can send out SMS and emails with the data directly embedded in the request, or can use templates from Customer Self-Styling. Using templates gives you the option to adjust the look and feel of notifications.

Expected structure in Customer Self-Styling is:

        |   |
        |   html:
        |       - template.mustache
        |       - template2.mustache
        |   text:
        |       - template.mustache
        |       - template2.mustache
        |   - template.mustache

The Messaging service uses the Mustache template language for templating. Templates can be localized and sent in a language specified in the request. All messages files MUST contain all translation keys. The Messaging service does not merge the default file with localized files to avoid unnecessary file downloads. The locale must be passed in the request. If no locale is provided, the default file will be used. If no file for the provided locale is present, the default file will be used. To include a localized message in the template, the message key should be wrapped in the {{i18n}} tag.


The requested locale is case-sensitive and must match the extension. e.g. if the requested locale is nl_BE, it will match the file


Template file:

One, two, {{key}}. {{#i18n}}message.key{{/i18n}}!

Template parameters:

  "message": {
    "parameters": {
      "key": "three"
} content:

message.key=Three elements Sir

When such a template is processed, {{key}} will be replaced by the value provided in the template parameters from the request, and {{#i18n}}message.key{{/i18n}} will be replaced by the value from the properties file. The output will be:

One, two, three. Three elements Sir!