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Using Customer Self Styling for customizing looks and behaviour of DABP

Look & feel and some behaviour can be customised by using Customer Self Styling The base folder in the git repository for DABP should be named delegation.

Changing look and feel

You can change the colours, theme and favicon of the application by providing proper files in git repository configured in the Self Styling application. Supported files:

  • palette.json - to customise theme of the application. Check out our example palette.json file and Material UI docs to learn more.
  • logo.svg - to customise logo of the application
  • favicon.ico - to customise favicon of the application
  • translation.json - to change the texts used in the application and emails

DABP supports multiple languages. Translation files should be stored in git in delegation/locales/<language_code>/translation.json, for example delegation/locales/en/translation.json to change English texts or delegation/locales/nl/translation.json to change Dutch texts.

Using translations to change invite email texts

By default, when one user invites another to use DABP, the details of the inviting users are provided in the invitation email. DABP also allows users to be invited in an automated fashion using the API. In this context, there is no user details of the inviter for the email. In this scenario, some pre-defined system automation data will be used in the email. The Email address and display name of this account can be changed using the translation file. You'll need to provide an entry in the translation file to overwrite default values:

  //..other translation keys
  "system-automation": {
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "display-name": "System automation"