Check if the user is enrolled for mobile auth with push

In order to perform mobile authentication with push a user must be enrolled. This convenience method checks whether a user is enrolled for mobile authentication with push. Therefore, you don't have to keep track of this on your own.


This function checks whether the given user is enrolled for mobile authentication with push.

  • Requires an object with a profileId:
Property Default Description
profileId - A profile ID you want to check

Example enrollment check:

      profileId: "W8DUJ2"
    .then((isEnrolled) => {
      if (isEnrolled) {
        alert("The user is enrolled.");
      } else {
        alert("The user is not enrolled.");
    .catch((err) => {
      alert("error!\n\n" + err.description);

The error callback contains an object with the following properties:

Property Example Description
code 8000 The error code
description "Onegini: Internal plugin error" Human readable error description