Bootstrapping the Onegini Cordova Plugin

The first thing that needs to be done when the app starts is to initizialize the Onegini Cordova Plugin. This will perform a few checks and report an error in case of trouble.


This function takes an optional first argument with the following properties:

Property Default Description
secureXhr false Allow the plugin to intercept XHR GET/POST/... webview requests and route them through the plugin for added security
// As with all Cordova plugins you must wait for "deviceready" to fire
document.addEventListener("deviceready", () => {
  onegini.start({ secureXhr: true })
      .then(() => {
        // you can now call any other method on the Onegini object
        console.log("Onegini is ready!");
      .catch((err) => {
        console.log("Start error!\n\n" + err.description);
}, false);

The error callback contains an object with these properties:

Property Example Description
code 10001 The error code
description "Onegini: Configuration error" Human readable error description