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Access token API

The access token API provides access token management capabilities. Like all endpoints in the end user API, the token endpoints are only accessible with valid API client credentials. These endpoints can be used by a web application to list active tokens for a given user, or delete them. For example, the web application may wish to show the user a list of devices with authenticated sessions, and allow the user to revoke access for a device (by deleting the relevant token).

List access tokens

Endpoint: GET /oauth/api/v1/users/{userId}/tokens

Parameter Description
userId User identifier

This endpoint requires basic authentication, using the API client credentials. If the user does not exist, or if the user has no valid access tokens, a 404 Not Found is returned. If the user has one or more valid tokens, an array is returned with the following attributes.

Attribute Description
id UUID identifying the token.
client_name Name specified for the client that has access to the user's resources via this token.
device_name Name of the device to which this token is granted (may be not present, as this attribute only contains a value in case of a dynamically registered client).
created_at Timestamp of the moment the access token was created.
scopes String array with scopes that were granted for this access token.
type The authentication method to be used with this access token.
refresh_token_issued Indicates whether a Refresh Token has been issued alongside the given Access Token.
expired Indicates if the Access Token has expired. Tokens without an issued Refresh Token are omitted from the response once expired

Example response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
Cache-Control: no-store
Pragma: no-cache

  "tokens": [
      "id": "7d507b7e-6221-4f06-a75e-ef6e6f06d32b",
      "client_name": "Client X",
      "device_name": "my iPad",
      "created_at": 1381322054000,
      "scopes": [
      "refresh_token_issued": true,
      "expired": false
      "id": "1c05119e-21b2-4905-bc93-8f67790a16d6",
      "client_name": "Client Y",
      "created_at": 1381321302000,
      "scopes": [
      "refresh_token_issued": true,
      "expired": false

Example error response:

  "error": "No tokens found"

Delete / revoke access token

Endpoint: DELETE /oauth/api/v1/users/{userId}/tokens/{tokenId}

Parameter Description
userId Identifier of the user
tokenId Identifier of the access token

This endpoint requires basic authentication, using the API client credentials. This endpoint returns 204 No Content regardless of whether the user and/or token existed before deletion.