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Onegini Extension Engine properties

The scripts in the Onegini Extension Engine can contain properties that are specific for an environment or values that the script developer should not know. Examples are the URLs of third party APIs and their credentials. You can configure these properties via the Admin Console of Onegini Access.

Go to ConfigurationSystemExtension EngineProperties. This shows an overview of all the properties in the Onegini Extension Engine. Values are masked with ******** in the Admin Console when they contain sensitive data. It is recommended to flag values as sensitive when they contain a password, API key or any other value that should not be shown on the screen after they have been saved.

The picture below shows the page to configure the Onegini Extension Engine properties in the Admin Console with example values.

Onegini Extension Engine properties form


Field name Example Required Description
Identifier my_authenticator_api_key Yes The identifier of the property by which the script can access it.
Property value V3rySecretValue@@@ For sensitive values The value of the property.
Sensitive value No Flag to indicate whether the value should be hidden in the Admin Console.