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API config

This section explains how administrators can manage access to APIs within OneWelcome Access.

API clients

API clients are required to use their credentials to authorise access to APIs of OneWelcome Access. These credentials, as well as the APIs to which clients can get access to, can be configured within the following fields:

Field Required Description
Name yes Name of the API config. It's only used in the admin interface.
Client ID yes The identifier of the client during requests.
Client secret yes The secret of the client used during requests.
Valid for APIs yes APIs to which the client will have an access.

API Config - Add client

API scopes

The following API scopes are defined:

  • onegini_api_admin
  • onegini_api_config
  • onegini_api_end_user
  • onegini_api_events
  • onegini_api_insights
  • onegini_api_mobile_authentication
  • onegini_api_payload_encryption_policy
  • onegini_api_token_introspection
  • onegini_api_user_registration