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General system properties configuration

In order to configure OneWelcome Access general properties, go to the Configuration section of the administration console, then System and choose the General tab.

The picture below shows the General view in the Admin Console with an example configuration.

General Configuration

The table below describes the general properties that can be configured.

Field name Default Description
Use external identity as account identifier false When enabled, the identity returned by the external identity provider is used as account identifier in the sub claim. Otherwise an account identifier is generated. Enable this when services depend on the external identifier as subject.
Show page before redirect to IdP false During the authentication the end user is sent from the authorization endpoint to an endpoint that is specific for that type of identity provider. The default behaviour is to use an HTTP redirect. When checked, an intermediary page will be shown instead.
Supported Locales List of supported locales for which the application will attempt to load the translations. This configuration affects Access Admin and Mobile Authentication messages.
Engine Base Urls These urls will be selectable when exporting the app configuration. They will also be used to show example URLs in a few different places in the admin console.