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Custom Registration

OneWelcome Access has support for user registration via Custom API Identity Providers.

Custom API Identity Providers

One Step

A one step API will only call the complete script. This type of Identity Provider can be used to validate on a single request by the user such as a username and password. It will run the complete script and return status and any custom data that is defined in the script.

Two Step

A two step API utilizes the init and complete scripts that have been defined for the Identity Provider in the admin console. The init endpoint will respond with a status and any custom data that has been defined in the script.


The custom registration has multiple endpoint versions, which differentiate by authentication. More information on the endpoints themselves are found in their pages

Backchannel Communication

Refer to the Custom Registration Backchannel Communication API reference guide for more information about backchannel communication.

Identity Provider Config

See Configure a Custom API Identity Provider for more information on configuration.