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General Custom Authenticators configuration

Custom Authenticators is an optional component of OneWelcome Access. If you want to use it, enable the Custom Authenticators option described on the Configure system features page.

Create or edit a Custom Authenticator

Go to ConfigurationApp configurationCustom Authenticators and add or edit a Custom Authenticator.

The picture below shows the page to configure the Custom Authenticator in the Admin Console.

Custom Authenticator form

Field Required Example value Details
Identifier Yes voice_recognition Identifier for the Custom Authenticator
Name Yes Authenticate with your voice Human readable name for the Custom Authenticator

Enter the scripts for each step of the Custom Authentication flow in the fields under the section Scripts. See the Custom Authenticator Example page for examples of each step. The script fields are left optional because the scripts may not be available during the development stage.

Application configuration

Custom Authenticators can be enabled per Application in OneWelcome Access.

Go to ConfigurationApp configurationApplications and add or edit an Application.

Field Required Example value Details
Custom authenticators enabled No Enables / disables Custom Authenticators for this Application
Custom authenticators When enabled Defines which authenticators are enabled for this Application

Mobile authentication

To use mobile authentication via a Custom Authenticator. Configure a mobile authentication type like it is done for any other type. See the topic guide for mobile authentication. Select Push with Custom Authenticator as authentication method and fill out all other required fields.